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Who are RecruitPBM?

RecruitPBM are a specialist company recruiting Practice & Business Managers for GPs across England. We are a small company offering a personalised service and every client is very important to us. We have a lot of HR and recruitment experience in this field which makes us very good at what we do - because practice makes perfect.

Why do you need us?

Here are a few reasons:-

  • We have the recruitment skills and expertise as we are specialists in this field and are using these skills constantly
  • We can save you time & money by doing all the hard work allowing you to continue to focus on what you are an expert at - this can only 'add value' to your Practice.
  • We will ensure that your salary and benefits offer is in step with the market, because if you are not offering the right salary you won't attract the right applicants - sounds obvious doesn't it but is often the reason business's do not get the right person.
  • We provide a professional, stream lined process which gives a good impression to candidates
  • We ensure a consistency of screening for all applicants
  • We provide one personal and constant contact for the Partners throughout the process as well as all the applicants. Providing regular updates for the client and ensuring all potential candidates are kept informed and interested in your vacancy
  • We complete the administration for you at all stages to ensure the legal obligations are met; that all candidates are dealt with fairly and in addition feedback is given to all those who require it.

Are you a recruitment agency?

No, we offer a much broader range of services than a recruitment agency. In fact we prefer to call ourselves your recruiting partner as this better describes the way in which we will work with you to find the right individual to complete & enhance your team.

How does the process work from start to finish?

Essentially the key areas to cover are as follows:-

  • Beginning with an initial discussion or 'recruitment & selection audit' to examine the likely roles and calibre of the people you need.
  • We then tell you if we can deliver & complete the assignment, given your requirements, in the timescales required.
  • We will provide a formal quotation. When you decide to go ahead we will agree a timetable of events and schedule interview dates well in advance.

A fuller idea of the steps in the process can be seen by clicking here

How long does it take?

If you have a good idea of what you want, the process from start to finish is likely to take a minimum of 3-4 weeks, however, we prefer to get it right and we don't sacrifice quality for speed. We know we will get the best candidate for you. We can also recruit with long lead times when for example a Practice Manager is retiring and you know their retirement date well in advance.

Where do you advertise?

This largely depends on where in England you are located but by and large we use a mixture of local advertising, journals, the internet & other magazines where appropriate.

How much do we need to be involved in the process?

It is entirely up to you how involved you are and we will discuss this at our initial meeting. The timings of the interviews and second interviews will be arranged to suit your busy schedules.

Click here to view the Recruitment Process

Do you charge expenses?

Yes. We charge 40p per mile traveling expenses or standard rail/air fare where appropriate and any overnight expenses but we can make these very clear in the first meeting and these would be clearly stated on the quotation so there are no surprises when you receive your invoice.

Is there a placement fee as well as the costs mentioned above?

We typically charge a fixed fee of £1950 and there are no other professional fees to add to this.

Do you recruit for other roles?

Yes we do get involved in other recruitment assignments; please call us for an informal discussion and quotation.

What do we do now?

Call us now on 07881 782529